Deals are stressful enough. 
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Attention Advisors, now you can enjoy complimentary access to our Platform* for deal preparation, deal marketing, advisor workflow, collaboration, reporting tools, templates, free pathways and more. 

Power your deals faster so you can prospect more deal flow.

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Half of all M&A deals fail. Don’t be just another statistic. 
Always be ready to maximize value. 

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Execute the transaction faster

Empower your team for all the dynamics of an M&A exit with pre-built workflows, app integrations and collaborative tools. Automated deal reporting can save you hundreds of hours on reporting and analyst work.

Impress prospective bidders

When it’s time to sell, transition your information into a Virtual Data Room and disclose it to third parties. Track and control your information end to end, with advanced security features like remote file self-destruct.

Address gaps and risks upfront

Choose a Pathway - a templated checklist based on 35,000+ transactions - and begin preparation by assessing the state of the business in fifteen minutes. Know your blind spots and where to close gaps before they happen.

Illuminate the path forward

Know the pathway forward and intelligently assess and score your client's information to accelerate deal preparation.

Prepare for what's next

Understand where to focus your attention and easily collaborate with your team during deal preparation. 

Run a high performance deal

Know that your information is secure, bidder insights are accessible, and your client's business is ready to win.

Every day we help thousands of businesses get ready for and experience success in raising capital, M&A, post-acquisition integration, audits and more.

Deals are stressful enough.

Choose confidence.

The fastest, simplest way to reach critical outcomes 

Ansarada is a global leading SaaS platform designed to drive stronger business outcomes - from capital raises and M&A deals to critical activities like tenders and corporate governance. Ansarada is used to drive successful outcomes for over 35,000 transactions enabling companies and their advisors to get ready, run and realize value from their most important transactions.

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Once in the Readiness Platform, choose the Checklist Pathway that is best suited to your transaction or Digitise your own checklist.

Share the Pathway with your clients so they can start their preparation for the transaction.

Review and verify your client’s critical documentation to ensure they are in the best possible state before migrating this information into a data room (hint: their score will give you a good indication!)

Once you’re confident they are ready to execute the deal, contact our Sales team. They will discuss the best pricing plan and bill the company once settled.

Sit back and watch your client execute their deal in the simplest, fastest way possible!

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How the platform works in 6 simple steps

"Ansarada is a quality, robust platform with 
an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach.”

David Fogel, Co-Founder

*Offer does not include a Virtual Data Room and is only available for Advisors

Now you can raise, 
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 your potential.

Now you can

Now you can raise, protect and realize your potential.

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