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Get ready for an audit in days, with advanced audit software

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Now you can stop dreading your financial audit. 

Ansarada's audit software contains a pre-built Financial Audit Pathway. A digitized checklist, the Pathway outlines all your audit requirements and automates the entire process for efficiency, security and accountability. 

Report to the Board with confidence and be prepared for auditors before they step in the door.

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Use the Audit Checklist, built in conjunction with a Big Four firm, to understand exactly what information you’ll need to provide for your Financial Audit.

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Get ready for an audit in days, with advanced audit software

Step - 1

Tailor your Financial Audit Pathway and adapt the template to your specific requirements.

Step - 2

Assign responsibility & deadlines to those handing each section.

Step - 3

Have them upload the required information and watch your readiness score increase.

Add in your external advisors or auditors to review your structured information.

Step - 4

Step - 5

Have the auditors assign who reviews what information in the audit software.

Step - 6

Keep information housed and ‘always on’ ready for next year’s audit.

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Achieve better outcomes with the most advanced virtual data rooms and information governance platform

Ansarada is a global leading SaaS platform designed to drive stronger business outcomes. Power internal restructures and audit, or deploy as a corporate development tool kit for targeted acquisitions and divestment preperation. 

Ansarada is used to drive successful outcomes for over 35,000 transactions enabling companies and their advisors to get ready, run and realize value from their most important transactions.

"Pathways overall is the best audit system I've seen around."

Big Four Accounting Firm

 Answers to your questions

What is a Pathway?

A Pathway is a digitized checklist. It provides you with a clear list of all the steps, documents and best practices you’ll need to produce for your optimal outcome, from audits to strategic reviews, board reporting, debt or equity-based capital raising, re-financing, restructuring, divestments of asset sales and whole company sales processes. Pathways can be adapted, templated and reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction. 

Is a Pathway the same as a virtual data room?

No. Pathways are a key part of the Ansarada platform. They guide the progression of activity from pre due diligence through to execution of the deal itself in a data room. Typically clients start working with a Pathway and then with a click - when they are ready to execute an opportunity - can make the right information available to the right guests through the virtual data room.

What others say...

 Six steps to a successful audit

Task assignment & accountability

Each team member and advisor is responsible for ticking every box on time

Pre-built Pathway

Ready-to-use IFRS compliant Audit Pathway to follow

Built-in Q&A

Keep all communication in one place for a single source of truth and reference

Document management

Access, upload, download and share documents all in one place

Topic guides

Get an overview of what documentation is required and why it’s important

Full audit trail

All comments, Q&A, and document activity are tracked on in a single record

Due dates & progress tracking

Set due dates and track progress toward 100% audit readiness

Customizable for any business

The Audit Pathway is fully customizable to suit your company’s preferences

Cloud storage integrations

Sync documents with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and others

Security and compliance

Our secure business audit software is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified

Virtual data room

Get all your documents into a virtual data room in one click

24x7x365 customer support

Access to our world-class support team is included at no additional cost

 All the features you need for a secure and efficient audit

Within the Financial Audit Pathway, purpose-built features help you keep the audit progressing and your team on the same page.

Audits made simple

We all know audits require a huge amount of work; work that is manual, repetitive and time-consuming.

Use our IFRS templatized Financial Audit Pathway, built off insights from 35,000+ processes, to quickly understand what documentation you’ll need to produce, and where the gaps in your material information are so you can address risks upfront.

Be 100% prepared for every audit going into it

Know what needs answering and get started on the work before your first meeting with auditors. Have the opportunity to start well in advance of the deadline, cut down prep time, and be confident you are ready for those initial meetings with auditors. 

Get your audit completed on time

Diagnose potential gaps within minutes, not days

 Benefits of Ansarada audit software

With the Financial Audit Pathway, you can be confident your audit will get completed on time or even ahead of schedule. This will ensure your accounts are lodged before the filing deadline and gives the Board adequate time to approve Financial Statements.

Clearly identify which areas score the lowest so you can proactively work to improve them. Cover your risks before the auditors raise them.

Simplify the process for your auditor

With information clearly categorized and structured, auditors and external advisors can easily find and review what they need without confusion or further back-and-forth to clarify. In essence, you are eliminating a lot of queries from the auditors by simplifying the audit process.

Save significant time and cost

Eliminate the back and forth associated with manual processes, such as collaboration via email or spreadsheets. This ensures the audit fee remains within budget and there are no additional costs. The Financial Audit Pathway is a great tool to re-negotiate the audit fee with auditors and save costs due to less time required to complete the audit.

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Audits are stressful enough. Choose confidence

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Our templatized financial audit software is a digitized checklist built off insights from 35,000+ processes to give you a clear path forward, and help you ensure the highest standard of compliance with a digitized audit trail.

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 Introducing the Audit Pathway

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*Free access is not available in all countries

*Free access is not available in all countries