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The pathway to financial survival

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Now you can understand your company’s financial position with confidence. If you think the viability of your business is at risk, or youre an advisor assisting a client at a critical juncture, use this pathway to help guide your next steps. 

Use our COVID-19 Financial Survival Pathway, built in collaboration with restructuring expert Rob Brauer of McGrathNicol, to understand your director duties, assess your financial position, establish a response team and put a plan into action.


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In a matter of minutes, you could automate this checklist for a clear view of your current state and your best plan moving forward. Get started today with a no obligation, 14-day free trial.

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The pathway to COVID-19 
financial survival

 How our secure platform works in 6 simple steps

Built in conjunction with McGrathNicol, specialist restructuring firm, our COVID-19 | Financial Survival Pathway is a digitized checklist which outlines an immediate plan of action for companies at risk. It lays out critical step-by-step guidance on what measures need to be implemented to navigate the current challenges.

Step - 1

Click the link to start your 14-day of our COVID-19 | Financial Survival Pathway, built in conjunction with McGrathNicol.

Step - 2

You will receive an email from us with your login details. Once you’ve logged in, select ‘Get started’ to create your Pathway.

Step - 3

Complete the quiz and start uploading your company's critical information e.g. director duties, financials, board reports and other legal documents. 

Invite your team and external advisors and assign responsibility to owners, collaborate internally and externally, and set target completion dates.

Step - 4

Step - 5

Flag priorities, identify bottlenecks and monitor progress to get a clear view of your company's financial health and your best options moving forward.

Step - 6

Establish a plan of action, engage with financiers, investors and other stakeholders so you can achieve the best outcome for your company.

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Ansarada is a global leading SaaS platform designed to drive stronger business outcomes - from capital raises and M&A deals to critical activities like tenders and corporate governance. Ansarada is used to drive successful outcomes for over 35,000 transactions enabling companies and their advisors to get ready, run and realize value from their most important transactions.

 Protect your business and yourself 
in times of financial distress

In this climate, there are key decisions your business must act on quickly to protect and reduce risks.
All of these decisions start with a thorough and comprehensive review of critical documentation and financial position.

The earlier you get started, the more likely you are to successfully turn your business around.

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In this climate, there are key decisions your business must act on quickly to reduce risks or seize the opportunity. All of these decisions start with a thorough and comprehensive review of critical documentation, processes, and structure.

"Events are moving at an unprecedented pace - both the impacts on business and the responses from government and other stakeholders to save viable businesses during this temporary shock. The Pathway provides a logical step-by-step guide for businesses to consider the various workstreams required to navigate the current challenges. The most important things a director can do at this time are to properly inform themselves of the financial impact, and take proactive steps to mitigate it. Hope alone will not suffice."

Rob Brauer, Partner, McGrathNicol

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 Answers to your questions

What is a Pathway?

A Pathway is a digitized checklist. It provides you with a clear list of all the steps, document and best practices you’ll need to produce for your optimal outcome, from strategic reviews, board reporting, debt or equity-based capital raising, re-financing, restructuring, divestments of asset sales and whole company sales processes. Pathways can be adapted, templated and reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction. 

Is a Pathway the same as a virtual data room?

Pathways are a key part of the Ansarada platform. They guide the progression of activity from pre due diligence through to execution of the deal itself in a data room. Typically clients start working with a Pathway and then with a click - when they are ready to execute an opportunity - can make the right information available to the right guests through the virtual data room.

 Protect your business and yourself in times of financial distress

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