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From strategy to transaction and implementation, Ansarada Deals gives dealmakers total confidence. 

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Achieve better outcomes with the most advanced deal platform

Every day we help thousands of businesses get ready for and experience success in capital raising, M&A, re-financing, restructuring, post-acquisition integration, tenders and more.

Ansarada is a global leading SaaS platform designed to drive stronger business outcomes for over 25,000+ transactions enabling companies and their advisors to get ready, run and realize value from their most important transactions.

"Ansarada would be one of the best data room providers of information and technology that I've seen."

Vineet Asthana, Managing Director

"The Ansarada interface is intuitive and easy to use. Their reporting features are invaluable. We know, even before picking up the phone, which bidders are seriously interested.”

Executive, Corporate Finance

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Now you can control every aspect of your transaction from start to finish. Workflow and project management tools for dealmakers, secure data rooms for your clients and peace of mind for everyone. 

Confidence at every stage of your deal 

Ansarada Deals, a total transaction management solution.

Deal technology built for modern dealmakers 

Digitize checklists in minutes to manage strategy, deal marketing, NDA and I.M. tracking. Customize your due diligence checklists for deal preparation or hit the ground running with Ansarada’s predefined checklists. Then execute with ease with the smartest AI-powered Virtual Data Room. All the way through to closing and post-merger integration.

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Centralize all your deal activity with Deal Workflow™, then execute in the world’s preferred AI-powered Virtual Data Room, Q&A facilities and manage PMI.

Centralize all your deal activity 

Achieve better deal outcomes

Streamline deal processes

AI-Powered Virtual Data Room

Project management & workflow

Reporting & tracking

Centralize your deal activity in one platform

Now you can manage all of your deal activity with Deal Workflow™ - your purpose-built project management tool designed for dealmakers. Work collaboratively and securely with your deal team. Assign and manage tasks and monitor due dates. Automate task follow-ups and notifications.

Much more than a Virtual Data Room 

Much more than a Virtual Data Room 

Trusted by world leading dealmakers

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"I've been doing deals with Ansarada for 12 years. From the first deal I'd ever done; being able to have that visibility, see what bidders are doing and share information very seamlessly and securely – it’s amazing how something so simple can change your life."

Alex Jordan, M&A Advisory Partner

The #1 deal platform

Ansarada Deals, a total transaction management solution.

Centralize all your deal activity with Deal Workflow™, then execute in the world’s preferred AI-powered Virtual Data Room, Q&A facilities and manage PMI.

Trusted by thousands