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This 2024 M&A Outlook Report includes Q&A with 15 top Global Dealmakers, and upcoming trends and predictions for 2024


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This report includes:

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Get the expert's predictions for 2024 – including:

Q&A's with 15 of the top M&A dealmakers around the world. Read their predictions for 2024 and strategies for managing uncertainty.

How dealmakers can successfully navigate the geopolitical and political landscape amidst growing uncertainty.

Managing growing due diligence requirements in M&A transactions due to macroeconomic upheaval and stricter antitrust regulation.

The strategies for managing stricter monetary policies as a response to curtail inflation.

The growing demand for ESG as a strong factor for business growth in the long-term.

Mitigating against growing risk amongst geopolitical uncertainty

Navigating stricter monetary policy and rising interest rates

Growing due diligence requirements to de-risk transactions

Increasing demand for ESG and sustainability as a key deal driver

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Ansarada has launched their latest M&A Outlook report, interviewing 15 top global dealmakers for lessons learned and predictions for the evolving M&A landscape.

This past year, big-ticket M&A faced hurdles, but for adept dealmakers it remains a path to growth. A revival is anticipated, with creative deal structures gaining appeal. Geopolitical uncertainties, supply-chain risks, and elections are creating a dynamic landscape

Macroeconomic shifts and regulations are elevating the importance of thorough due diligence, which is intensifying amid market volatility and regulatory scrutiny. ESG considerations are now integral in M&A, influencing long-term business growth.

Get the experts insights from leading dealmakers at UBS, MOelis, Minter Ellison, BDA Partners, Deutsche Bank, BDO, Norton Rose Fullbright and more.





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