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Explore the Q3 M&A growth highlights and challenges across the UK, Ireland and Europe in our new regional Deal Indicators report.


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Q3 M&A Deal Indicators: UK, Ireland and Europe

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Using live data from 2000+ active deals, Indicators is the only report that can show you market trends as they emerge.

Indicators insights reveal:

European Tech M&A

UK&I Financial Services M&A

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European Financial Services M&A




European M&A overall

UK&I M&A overall

UK&I Tech M&A

New Utilities M&A deals are up 10% QoQ in Europe and 73% QoQ in the UK&I in preparation for substantial transformation as ESG becomes more prominent

New Financial Services deals were up 21% QoQ in UK&I but down 17% in Europe

New tech deals were down 33% QoQ in UK&I and down 4% QoQ in Europe - attributed to higher interest rates, stock market volatility and private equity slowdown

Real Estate M&A faces quarterly setback in UK&I and Europe, but maintains stable YoY growth

UK Healthcare M&A increases by 36%, while Europe decreases by 25% QoQ

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