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Don’t risk your reputation, it’s not worth it

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Now you can ensure an efficient, secure and auditable tender and bid management process from end-to-end - all in a single platform. 

It's the only purpose-built solution for project teams and governments looking to increase efficiency and bidder engagement while reducing the risk of process failure and security breaches.

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Your professional and government reputation is on the line. Loss of taxpayer money is at risk.

These risks are even greater in the current COVID-19 crisis and climate of uncertainty. 

Emerge from this crisis with a safer, more efficient and proven way of managing future tenders.

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The world's most advanced tender platform

 With COVID-19, there’s even more at stake for your tender

Even in this challenging environment, the non-negotiable requirements of running a complex tender remain true. 

Download the complete tenders checklist and learn how to meet all the non-negotiable requirements in the most secure and efficient process.

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Ansarada is a founder-led, fast-growth, global technology company. Established in 2005, Ansarada has helped governments and the world’s leading investors, advisors and corporates manage over 35,000 deals across tenders, gateway reviews, M&A, IPOs, fund raising and secure document sharing. 

The Ansarada Tender Platform is a place for project teams across the public and private sectors to improve how they currently manage high value, high profile, and highly complex tender processes. Ansarada has helped governments on over $400b of major infrastructure projects across major roads, public transport, ITC, health, education, social housing, prisons, ports, and utilities sectors on processes ranging from the tens of millions to tens of billions of dollars in value.

"We use systems like Ansarada where it’s all controlled and managed. Once it’s set up and it’s operating, you can’t send the wrong information to the wrong person."

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Ditch legacy tender processes

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The inefficiencies of legacy tender processes have been highlighted more than ever in the wake of COVID-19. The way these processes are facilitated is manual, repetitive, and leads to unnecessary risk.

A secure online tender software removes friction, reduces risk, ensures fairness, improves efficiency and keeps bidder engagement and interaction high.

Secure by design

Full life cycle data security, regardless of document location

Easy to use

Ease of access, no plugins or installs required

Integrated Q&A

Two way built in Q&A tool to facilitate a controlled and trackable RFI/Q&A process

Tracking & reporting

Reporting of all document views and RFI activity for disclosure requirements

Electronic submission

Purpose-built for receiving and handling electronic submissions

24x7/365 support

Phone & email support from global customer service team

Bidder insights

Bidder activity reports to understand bidder sentiment and engagement

Watermark security

Customized watermarks add an additional level of security to PDFs

Total control

Lock, track and self-destruct files anywhere anytime

Project manager tools

Approval workflows that are robust, efficient and trackable

Team collaboration

Assign team tasks, Q&A, RFI, collaborate, request updates and approvals

Online help

Live chat service & comprehensive online knowledge base

 Ensure an efficient, secure and auditable process

Designed and built in conjunction with leading tender and procurement professionals, the Ansarada Tender Platform has been tried and tested on over $400B worth of complex tender processes.

John McLuckie, Chairman, Valorem Advisory

The only full cycle tendering platform


Full life cycle security


AWARD, Commerce Decisions

Electronic submission

Activity reporting

Oracle Aconex

Built-in evaluation

SAP (Ariba)

Microsoft SharePoint

Google Sheets

Built-in Q&A

No plugins

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Now you can ensure an efficient, secure, auditable tender process. 

Discover the safest, most efficient way to manage the volume of confidential information and complex questions that you can expect in your tender.

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Now you can

The non-negotiables checklist

1. Full lifecycle security for documents shared

2. Staged, equal access for bidders to tender information

3. A two-way RFI/Q&A process, that is efficient, controlled and fully trackable 

4. Anonymity of bid teams 

5. Secure and efficient management of bidder submissions and workflow

6. Tracking of all activity for probity/audit purposes

The non-negotiables checklist

Trusted by the world's leading brands

Ease of access

Intuitive and accessible for all users, with zero plugins or software to install

2-way RFI/Q&A system

Purpose-built two-way Q&A and collaborative tools, including robust approval workflows

Probity automated

Intelligent reporting and comprehensive audit trails are available on demand

Bidder insights

Bidder activity reports to understand bidder sentiment and engagement

Stay protected

Benefit from the highest levels of document security and tracking, including features like remote file self-destruct

Keep submissions secure

Integrated, highly secure ‘locked box’ submission tool

Evaluation tool 

Integrated functionality which allows the evaluation process to securely managed end to end

Redaction tool

Built-in software to create multiple redacted versions of bidder submission

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Unlimited customer support

Our world-class support comes standard - 24x7x365

Designed and built in conjunction with leading tender and procurement professionals, the Ansarada Tender Platform has been tried and tested on over $400B worth of complex tender processes.

 Ensure an efficient, secure and auditable process