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Deals are stressful enough.

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Deal preparation, beautifully designed data rooms, ironclad security, AI automation & insights, unlimited user and outstanding support. Some of the reasons why leading companies choose Ansarada. 

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Know what your next move should be with the Bidder Engagement Score, which predicts deal outcomes with 97% accuracy by day 7, trained on 35,000+ deals. 

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Unlimited users, unlimited possibilities

Now you can invite as many users as you like. We offer simple pricing and flexible plans to suit any need or budget.

Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use

On top of the virtual data room, we also offer scorecards to assess how ready you are for a transaction and tell us what documentation you need.

Keep your critical information secure

Certified to the ISO 27001:2013 standard, the world’s most secure data room comprises over 110 controls. Track changes, even activity outside the data room.

Deal technology designed for dealmakers


From deal advisor to strategic partner. Run high performance deals with a platform built to safeguard reputations. 


Assess where your business stands today. Use intelligent insights to prepare and realize your potential.

Focus on what matters most. Increase portfolio value, streamline processes, and uncover risks and opportunities.

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Beautifully designed data rooms

We’ve taken legacy data rooms to the next level with a suite of data-driven AI tools for dealmakers –  designed to eliminate risk, accelerate outcomes, and increase value.

AI for insights

  • Instant answers at critical moments
  • Earlier, more accurate predictions
  • Determine bidder interest & engagement

Q&A to remove risk

  • Easy collaboration
  • Bulk actions & editing
  • Bottleneck management

Simple set-up

  • Customize your client's experience
  • User tracking & clear access to terms
  • Add documents quickly
  • Remove risk with full audit trail
  • Search & bulk download
  • Simple security controls

Easy administration

Document security

  • Print, save, & watermark settings
  • Expire saved documents
  • Document security reports

Insightful reporting

  • Make smart decisions with insights
  • Track activity outside your data room
  • Stay in the know with notifications

Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Deals are stressful enough.

Choose confidence.

Choose confidence.

Need help selecting a virtual data room? 
Here's a simple guide to selecting, buying & running a virtual data room.

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Achieve better outcomes with the most advanced deal platform

Every day we help thousands of businesses get ready for and experience success in capital raising, M&A, re-financing, restructuring, post-acquisition integration, tenders and more.

Ansarada is a global leading SaaS platform designed to drive stronger business outcomes for over 35,000+ transactions enabling companies and their advisors to get ready, run and realize value from their most important transactions.

"Ansarada would be one of the best data room providers of information and technology that I've seen."

Vineet Asthana, Managing Director

"The Ansarada interface is intuitive and easy to use. Their reporting features are invaluable. We know, even before picking up the phone, which bidders are seriously interested.”

Executive, Corporate Finance

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The world's trusted virtual data room

Deal preparation

Workflow and Smart Upload saves hundreds of hours with AI tools and digitized checklists

Due diligence

Get simplicity and confidence with the dealmakers preferred virtual data room

Post Acquisition Integration

Purpose built PAI topics and collaboration tools

Deal insights

Harness Ansarada’s AI capabilities to predict winning bidders.

Confidence at every stage of your deal 

Deal preparation, beautifully designed data rooms, ironclad security, AI automation & insights, unlimited users and outstanding support. Some of the reasons why leading companies choose Ansarada. 

Get simplicity and confidence on your next deal

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Deal technology designed for dealmakers

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